Do Diet Pills Affect Birth Control?

This is a common question I receive. Many people who use birth control are interested in losing weight with the help of diet pills. However, they’re worried that the pill may in some way interfere with their birth control (making it ineffective) or cause side effects.

It’s important to remember that my advice does not substitute for advice from your pharmacist or doctor. A trained professional in person is always a better at evaluating a situation than someone over the Internet giving one-size-fits-all advice.

Some diet pills have been reported by customers to affect birth control, while some have been deemed safe. Because there isn’t FDA testing for all diet pills, user experience is often the best data available. We’ve combed through the Internet, searching and talking with many users of weight loss pills. Based on these experiences, we’ve been able to put together a selection of pills that do not affect birth control.


Phen375 is a clinically proven weight loss aid which does not interfere with birth control in any way. It is manufactured in a USA FDA registered facility and is composed of pharmaceutical grade synthesized ingredients. It stimulates the metabolism with the help of thermogenic ingredients which forces the body to burn more calories, even while you’re sitting at home on the sofa. Furthermore, Phen375 increases energy levels and mental alertness, causes appetite suppression, improves fitness performance and reduces physical fatigue, and lessens bloating and increases water loss.

Phen375 also comes with a special diet plan to further kickstart your weight loss journey or break through a plateau. Click here to buy Phen375 directly from the Phen375 website.


UniqueHoodia is not your standard weight loss pill – it’s an herbal supplement with amazing fat burning and appetite reducing effects. It contains pure hoodia, a plant grown in the Kalahari region of South Africa.

UniqueHodia is an appetite suppressant which is an excellent weight management tool. With proper use, it will boost your weight loss efforts tremendously with absolutely zero side effects and no interference with birth control.

If you’d like to check out UniqueHoodia, click here.


In closing, it’s important to remember that what matters most is your health. If you think the advantages to using diet pills outweigh (no pun intended) the drawbacks, you should use them. However, if you have a myriad of worries and issues, you may be better off attempting weight loss with the tried and true method: eating less.

Melissa Becker

Ever since losing over 50 lbs. in 2010, I’ve been writing informative blog posts and reviews for various diet products, such as teas, pills, and supplements. All products have been personally tested, in order to get the full story before posting it on this site.

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